vanilla extract // the muffin myth

vanilla extract

This is what impulse purchases look like in my life: an unreasonably early morning, some furtive googling while I should have been working on my thesis research, and boom! Two days later a half kilo of extract grade Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans arrives at my door. Have you even wondered what half a kilo of… 

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baked ricotta

On this recent post I wrote for Foodists I shared a recipe for grilled polenta. There was a comment was that grilled polenta seemed like a wonderful way to include vegetarians at a barbecue, and, reading it I thought, well yes, and no. Grilled polenta, while fun to make and eat and absolutely delicious, isn’t… 

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how to process a pumpkin

Chances are pretty good that you’re in possession of a pumpkin right now, and if you’re not, you probably plan to be shortly. Maybe you’ve already strapped on your gumboots and been out to your local pumpkin patch, or maybe you’ve picked up a pumpkin or two at your favourite farmer’s market. Consider this less… 

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