throwback thursday night fry {low carb stir-fry} //

throwback thursday night fry {low carb pak choy stir-fry}

  Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who are celebrating today! I’m going to keep it short and sweet since I know most of you are celebrating with friends and family – hopefully there’s a lot of pie involved and you’ll be enjoying leftovers for the next few days. When you’re ready for something on… 

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chia seeds - healthy or hype // oh my veggies via

chia seeds – healthy or hype?

Whenever the latest and greatest health food trend hits the market, it can be easy to get caught up in the hype. As a nutritionist and professional myth buster, I like to dig into these trends and evaluate just how good they really are. Chia seeds have been a hot commodity for the last couple… 

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five frozen foods - winter staples to keep in your freezer //

5 frozen foods to keep on hand

Depending on where you live in the world, at this time of year there’s not much in the way of locally-grown produce. Sure, we live in a fairly seasonless world these days and you can get pretty much anything year round, but is it worth it? When you consider that most imported food is harvested… 

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baked pumpkin risotto {vegan and gluten free} //

baked pumpkin risotto

I don’t know how this happened, but this is the last week of November. I swear just a minute ago I was floating in our boat in the sunshine drinking a cold beer and thinking to myself, soon it will be Christmas. And here we are. Whenever I look at my calendar my core floods… 

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what's good around the web + weekly meal plan // the muffin myth

what’s good around the web + weekly meal plan

See how dark that photo is? I took it outside on my balcony this morning  AND adjusted the exposure / brightness afterwards. Have you taken your vitamin D today? Next week officially kicks off the holidays for so many of you! I’ve got kind of a funky week coming up. A girl’s night is in… 

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