Indonesian Gado Gado //

Indonesian gado gado

A twist on a traditional Indonesian dish. Steamed vegetables, cubes of fried tofu, and hard-boiled egg come together with a spicy peanut sauce for dipping. When Paul and I arrived in Bali in December, a day late and with no luggage, we were greeted at the airport by a man holding a sign with our… 

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single serving chocolate cake //

single serving chocolate cake

Sometimes portion control is the easiest path to moderation, so today I’m sharing a single serving chocolate cake. Because everyone deserves a little cake sometimes! I’ve been going grey since my early 20’s. I think at around 22 I found my first grey hair and though they slowly trickled in, in the last few years… 

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what's good around the web + weekly meal plan // the muffin myth

what’s good around the web + weekly meal plan

Hello folks! Another week, another meal plan. A couple of things out of the ordinary next week. First up, Monday is my birthday so I’m having a bit of a treat day instead of the usual day of lean eating. Going out for Chinese food to celebrate all of the January birthdays was a long… 

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mung bean and coconut curry //

mung bean and coconut curry

A warm and spicy curry with mung beans, coconut, and lime. Enjoy as a soup or serve with brown rice or warm naan for a more substantial meal. Vegan, and gluten free. It’s snowing. December seemed to have missed the winter weather memo, but January has more than made up for it so far. Of… 

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judge not //

judge not

Here’s a scene that plays out in my life fairly frequently: someone leans in to me over their kale salad / green smoothie / cold-pressed juice and tells me in wide-eyed whispers about the crap they saw so-and-so eating the other day. Or, a friend relays a story about having seen a colleague in their… 

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