5 whole foods for busy times // the muffin myth

5 whole foods for busy times

For many people eating well seems to be a time : value equation. I often hear statements like, “I just don’t have time to prepare healthy meals” or “I wish I had time to eat better.” There are many tips and tricks for eating well during busy times. Planning ahead is helpful, batch cooking when… 

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healthy or hype: coconut oil // the muffin myth

healthy or hype: coconut oil

Photo by Kiersten Frase Coconut oil. Healthy or hype? This question comes up a lot, and with good reason. For years we were told to avoid saturated fats, but suddenly they’re back and people are eating coconut oil by the spoonful in the name of health. So what’s the deal? Are saturated fats really okay… 

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carrot apple ginger smoothie // the muffin myth

carrot apple ginger smoothie

A couple of weeks ago I got slammed with that gnarley autumn cold that’s been going around. Not fun. Not fun at all. My usual protocol is to try and smoke it out with quick and easy spicy soups like my 5 minute feel better miso vegetable soup, or my veggie soup in a jar…. 

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what's good around the web + weekly meal plan // the muffin myth

what’s good around the web + weekly meal plan

Hey folks! I get to start swimming on my lunch break again on Monday after a month off. So excited! So my meal plan has shifted back to late lunches to be eaten at my desk after I get back from the pool. This means breakfast has to fuel me all the way to 2pm,… 

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sunshine sauce with steamed edamame and veg // the muffin myth

orange-carrot-miso-ginger sunshine sauce with steamed edamame and veg

Lately I’ve been feeling like I need a big old dose of sunshine. Living where we do, that ain’t going to happen for many (oh man, so many) months now, so I’ve got a 3-part plan in place. 1) Get back on the vitamin D, 2) work on a winter getaway, and 3) fill my… 

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