broccoli quinoa nuggets - tasty little nuggets of goodness perfect for baby led weaning and grownup meals alike! //

broccoli quinoa nuggets

For years, I’ve been telling people what to eat. Giving gentle (and at times not so gentle) nudges towards balance and moderation, eating lots of plants, and enjoying the food you eat. So I thought that when it came to feeding a tiny human I’d be a natural. Wouldn’t that make sense? But when the… 

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banana cardamom breakfast shake //

banana cardamom breakfast shake

Before I had a child of my own I never understood what the big deal was, why people with children complained about never being able to get things done. Don’t babies sleep all the time? Well. Consider myself appropriately humbled. The last eight months have been an adventure, to say the least, and gratifying beyond belief…. 

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fresh baked

This little man came storming into our lives almost two weeks ago, in the wee hours of March 1st, 2016. He avoided being a leap day baby by a matter of hours, but when he decided he was ready to come he charged out at break-neck speed, clearly taking after his father and attempting to… 

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filling the freezer for when the baby arrives //

filling the freezer

Under totally normal circumstances I’m a bit of a doomsday prepper when it comes to freezer meals. I like to have a variety of soups, wraps, muffins, and readied ingredients on hand for busy and tired moments. Living in Stockholm this has always been a bit of a challenge, as our freezer is so tiny (and… 

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naturally sweetened totally vegan salted coconut caramels //

salted coconut caramels

I have been off work, on maternity leave, for two weeks now, and I must tell you I’m not all that good at having nothing to do. Ok, it’s not like I actually have *nothing* to do, I’ve been keeping busy fielding all kinds of amusing emails and text messages from well-meaning people coming out… 

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no bake granola bars //

no-bake granola bars

These no-bake granola bars are quick, easy, and endlessly adaptable. Well hello! Some of you might have assumed, given the lengthy silence around these parts, that I’ve been busy having a baby. It’s a fair assumption, given my condition when we last spoke, but unfortunately not correct. Baby Muffin Myth is still baking away, much… 

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looking back on 2015 //

2015: looking back, looking forward

Hi Folks! It was a quiet December around here mostly due to a really, really bonkers month at work which meant working every weekend, many nights past midnight, and during the final push an actual all nighter at the office. As I’m sure you can imagine, that took quite a toll on my very pregnant body, and… 

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snack attack! this week it's a seasonal combination of protein and produce with a mandarin orange and a handful of walnuts //

snack attack! orange + walnuts

The holiday season is full of temptation, but there are also healthy snacking options abound! I love this time of year for the tiny oranges (mandarines, clementines, or satsumas depending on where you live) that are so, so sweet and easy to peel. Paired with a handful of walnuts for some protein and healthy fats,… 

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This easy vegan red lentil dal is the perfect make ahead meal. Just pop the ingredients into your slow cooker in the morning, and when you get home dinner is done! //

slow cooker red lentil dal

A hearty and healthy red lentil dal that simmers away in your slow cooker and is ready when you walk through the door. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.  Can we talk about baby kicks? They’re crazy. I love them, but they’re crazy. It’s interesting how they’ve evolved from the first little signs of movement, little scratches… 

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