how to make a protein smoothie without protein powder // the muffin myth

how to make a protein smoothie without protein powder

Photo by Kiersten Frase. I’m a morning smoothie junkie. If you have it, I will blend it. Lately I’ve been trying to get a bit of extra protein into my diet, and, much like sneaking extra greens in, smoothies are the perfect vehicle. I’m not really into protein powders. There are definitely some good ones… 

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super seed bars // the muffin myth

super seed bars

Presumably many of you are heading back to work or school after this weekend, so I thought I’d give you a little something sweet you could pack along with you. These little bars are absolutely loaded with seeds: quinoa, chia, sunflower seeds are the main stars, and flax seeds play a supporting role. The bars… 

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welcome to the new muffin myth

the new muffin myth!

Welcome to the new Muffin Myth! I’ve finally (FINALLY!) taken the plunge and moved to a self-hosted platform. This gives me a heck of a lot more control over the site than I had before. I’m also using a new template, which I hope you’ll find a lot more user friendly than the previous version…. 

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kamut zucchini fritters // the muffin myth

kamut and zucchini fritters

It always takes me a bit of time to shake off my vacation. Or maybe it’s shimmying back into work life that takes a bit of effort. Whatever it is, it’s nice to be getting back into a bit of a routine. Part of our routine, for now, is heading to the farmer’s market on… 

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what's good around the web + weekly meal plan // the muffin myth

what’s good around the web + weekly meal plan

I had a bit of a wonky week this week and ended up not sticking to my meal plan in the slightest. I had three lunches out! Takeout soup in lieu of salad night, and grilled cheese in lieu of omelet night. Who am I? What this means is I’ve got a good little stash… 

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