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favourite edible gifts roundup // themuffinmyth.com

Giving away homemade gifts is one of my favourite things about the holiday season, especially if they’re consumable! I try to live a fairly minimalistic life without a ton of ‘stuff’ (try being the operative word here) and so I love to give and receive consumables because I get to enjoy them, and then they’re gone.

I asked some of my favourite food bloggers to share a favourite edible gift, and there are some really amazing choices here! I’ll be sharing some of my own favourite edible gifts from throughout the years as well. There’s still 3 weeks until Christmas (seriously, how did that happen?!) so there’s plenty of time to roll up your sleeves and make something fabulous.

favourite edible gifts roundup // themuffinmyth.com

Kylie from immaeatthat has shared this edible cookie dough gift for the cookie dough lovers in your life. You layer all of the ingredients into a jar and include instructions to add a banana, some nut butter, and honey, and delicious egg-free edible cookie dough is just moments away. Kylie also just started selling Healthier Black Bean Brownie Mix, which is perfect for the brownie lover in your life and / or if you don’t have time to make something.

favourite edible gifts roundup // themuffinmyth.com

Erika from The Pancake Princess shared these gorgeous little flax macarons. She promises they’re totally not scary to make, and they’ve got a lovely nutty flax flavour that flax lovers will be totally into. They’re not exactly your traditional macaron; they’ve even better.

favourite edible gifts roundup // themuffinmyth.com

Home made vanilla extract is one of my favourite things to make and give away. It’s just so dang easy! All you need to do is soak vanilla beans in some alcohol (I usually use vodka, but bourbon or rum would work too) and wait. The minimum time is around two months, but you can go even longer. I started a batch back in April which is pretty much perfect right now! But you can still totally give away vanilla extract even if you didn’t start a batch a couple of months ago. Simply put a few vanilla beans into a pretty jar or bottle, cover with alcohol, and give the recipient instructions for when their vanilla will be ready to use.

avourite edible gifts roundup // themuffinmyth.com

Ceri from Natural Kitchen Adventures shared these gorgeous raspberry and vanilla raw chocolates. How good do those look?! Ceri also has a recipe for lavender, rose-hip, and coconut face oil, which isn’t edible but would make a really lovely homemade gift nonetheless.

favourite edible gifts roundup // themuffinmyth.com

My friend Gena from Choosing Raw is sharing this super easy vegan hot chocolate mix, the perfect gift for cold winter nights! Gena also has a recipe for vanilla cinnamon pecan milk that would be an amazing gift, perhaps alongside this pumpkin and cranberry granola?

naturally sweetened chocolate // themuffinmyth.com

While we’re on the subject of chocolate, remember last year we made naturally-sweetened chocolate, two ways? I tested this out on friends and colleagues, and the honey version was the crowd favourite, but I still like the date-sweetened chocolate too. This year I’m thinking of trying a batch with date syrup. It’s totally quick and easy to make your own chocolate, so get your hands on some cocoa butter and give it a go!

favourite edible gifts roundup // themuffinmyth.com

Joanne from Eats Well With Others shared this homemade apple cinnamon butter. Joanne just made over a hundred of these to give away as favours at her wedding. That’s dedication! You don’t have to make that many, but a batch will yield about a dozen jars, so you’ll have plenty of gifts to give away.

favourite edible gifts roundup // themuffinmyth.com

My dear friend Kellie from Food To Glow has shared this sweet and spicy munch mix. I’m totally going to make this! Kellie and I were laughing about how this recipe is deep enough in her archives that she was still recommending agave nectar. If you make this, use honey or brown rice syrup instead!

favourite edible gifts roundup // themuffinmyth.com

Alissa from Connoisseurus Veg is sharing this vegan red wine cranberry nut bread. How good does that look? I think the orange glaze really takes it over the top. I definitely want to try this!

favourite edible gifts roundup // themuffinmyth.com

Jess from Inquiring Chef is sharing this lovely chai spice granola with almonds and coconut. I’ve made a few of Jess’s granola recipes and they’re always excellent. Wouldn’t you love to receive a jar of homemade granola? Me too!

favourite edible gifts roundup // themuffinmyth.com

Linda from Veganosity is sharing this cranberry lemon quick bread (vegan, naturally) which makes a perfect hostess gift or holiday giveaway. Wrap it up with a bit of ribbon, or bake in a festive tin to give away with the loaf.

favourite edible gifts roundup // themuffinmyth.com

Kiersten from Oh My Veggies is sharing this incredible whole wheat chocolate chip pancake mix. It’s such a lovely gift to give! If you visit her site the recipe includes that super cute printable label for jars of the pancake mix, AND she’s got links to 99 DIY food gifts for the holidays!

better than nutella {vegan chocolate hazelnut spread} // themuffinmyth.com

Last but not least, don’t forget about this home made Better Than Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread! It’s super easy, delicious, made with whole foods, naturally sweetened, and totally vegan. The perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life.


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    What a great list, Katie – so glad to be included! I love all these ideas, and I’m with you, I’d much rather have something homemade to enjoy through the holidays. Mmmmm…and you remind me that I’ve been meaning to try that Better Than Nutella….

  2. says

    Thank you for including our cranberry bread in this amazing list!!! I’m definitely trying your homemade vanilla extract, and the flax macarons, oh my gosh, Alex will be sooooo happy! 🙂

  3. says

    Every year I find myself seeking out homemade gift ideas, and edible ones are my favorites too! Lots of awesome ideas here – I hope to put a few of them to good use. Thanks so much for including my red wine cranberry nut bread.!

  4. says

    Fabulous edible gifts…i too believe in giving edible gifts to my friends and family. I am especially fond of giving pickles and preserves. I will soon be sharing a winter vegetable preserve recipe on my blog 🙂

  5. says

    Ahh Katie all of these are so good!! I’ve been meaning to try Kylie’s black bean mix and omg that raw chocolate! Vegan hot chocolate! Lemon cranberry loaf! Chai granola! And I really HAVE to get on your homemade vanilla extract–such a great gift. This is all such excellent gift-giving inspiration–thanks so much for including me!! <3 <3

  6. says

    We are rather stripped back in our approach to Christmas too. No small kids in the house anymore so we are no longer knee deep in torn paper on the big day. But even when I felt compelled to buy loads of stuff I always made gifts too. Such a wonderful feeling to make things up, wrap them nicely (or as nice as I can manage given my terrible fine motor skills) and give them to people you love. This idea of sharing your fellow bloggers healthy edible gifts is such a terrific one. Thanks so much for including my very humble sweet and spicy much mix. I LOVE the look of everything and will perhaps decide on something from here to add to the preserved lemons and limes, pomegranate vodka and Middle Eastern spice mix kits I am making up this year.

    • says

      Oooooh, pomegranate vodka! Middle Eastern spice kits! How I wish I was on your gift-giving list! I hope you’ll be posting recipes for some of these treats on your site, which is the next best thing!


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