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summer sunset // the muffin myth

We had a scorcher of a week here in Stockholm, by Swedish standards anyways. The sun doesn’t really set at this point in the summer. Rather, it sinks, moves across the sky, and goes back up. It means we’re getting some pretty spectacular sunsets from our favourite vantage spot in the city, and trying to soak up every last one.

Today is my last day in the office for four whole weeks. I spent a few minutes thinking about what I would cook this weekend and what would pack well for lunches next week before I remembered I don’t have to pack any lunches. Yay!

One of my favourite things about being done with my thesis is having time to read things that aren’t scientific journal articles. I’m reading books! Novels! It’s amazing! I’ve got my e-reader loaded up with books for my vacation and I hope to plow through a lot of them. If you’re looking for reading inspiration, Food52 has a great list of summer reading. Delancey and The Third Plate are both on my list. On to the links!

MM_Web_Icon_FINAL1. This doctor prescribes chocolate. (ps – so do I)

2. Keeping hydrated in the summer heat. Tips, tricks, and warning signs.

3. Food as fuel for sports nutrition. This is interesting. Any athletes out there? Thoughts?

4. A new study suggests we’re not over eating, we’re under exercising. I’d say we’re probably doing a bit of both.

5. In-vitro meat is unlikely to become a reliable food source. Well well well.

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  1. says

    The thought of in-vitro meat is just nauseating and scary. Ehhh…and I definitely don’t exercise enough…I just hate exercise…but eating healthy is fun!

    • says

      Um yeah. So gross.

      The trick is finding exercise that you love. I hate the gym. I find it meaningless and boring. My exercise has to have a purpose! I love swimming (ok, not so much of a purpose, but I love it) and power walking where I have a destination or can listen to a podcast en route. I haven’t been able to return to running since I broke my ankle last summer, but maybe one day!

  2. Tessa says

    I’m just beginning to realize that getting my butt off the comfy couch and away from all that pricey prime time viewing is seriously important. I can do my daily treadmill with some benefit. But a day of heavy gardening really makes a difference to my waistline and keeps my mind off food.

    • says

      Indeed, moving is so, so important! The many screens in our lives are such lures (mine is less tv and more computer focused) but we must get out and move. Great for our moods too!

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