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meal plan july 7-11 // the muffin myth

Happy Independence Day to those of you celebrating today!

You guys, I just realized this will be my last meal plan before I’m on vacation for four weeks! Well, out of the office for four weeks anyways. I won’t be creating meal plans for myself while I’m off work, but I will continue to post some meal plan inspiration and links here.

I know I’ve got at least one dinner out this coming week, but I’m not sure which day so I just planned as though it’s a normal week. Paul is heading to Switzerland mid-week to do a swim-run race so I’ll be on my own Wed – Sun and may treat myself to a cheeky single lady dinner one of those nights (to be enjoyed while binge watching OITNB, natch). Overnight buckwheat porridge is something I’ve been meaning to try for a while. Any favourite recipes out there?

But wait! Before you read those links! Don’t forget you have until Sunday July 6th to enter my giveaway for a bottle of six-month vanilla extract.


1. Detox myths vs reality

2. Coconut sugar vs white sugar: is it healthier?

3. A thoughtful article on what it means to be a ‘foodie’ (and I am so with him on the cringe reaction to the term… can we re-define it? Is there a better word?)

4. Solving the unhealthy = tasty dilemma.

5. Are we allergic to food? Or to what’s been done to it? (really interesting TED talk)

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    I’m loving these glimpses of your meal plans – it’s such a fun idea for a post. Enjoy your vacation friend – you deserve it!!!

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    You are off on holiday? Take me with you! The idea of sleep for four weeks sounds incredible…where are you going?

    The whole detox thing confuses me, I think a lot of people confuse it with healthier eating, clean eating and possibly some sort of fasting. I know people who just eat fruit for a few days and call it detox. The thing I don’t get t why people commit to doing it for just a few days.

    Have a superb break xx

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      One week at home here in Sweden (staying for a friend’s wedding) then three weeks back in Canada for my sister’s wedding. This summer is all about weddings!

      I think detox, clean eating, are fasting are all diet labels that can mean different things to different people. And you’re right. Why eat well for a few days and then go back to bad habits?

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    Thank you thank you for that detox article. Oh how far I’ve come from a year ago, when I followed that Whole Living detox for three weeks. I feel silly to have been taken in by the craze, but on the other hand, I learned a lot. Namely most of the things in the article. Plus I’ve learned that there’s really no need to deprive myself for any number of days because I will just go overboard afterwards. I still get tempted occasionally by new, enticing-sounding detoxes, but articles like ^ remind me why they’re not for me.

    Also LOVED the article on “foodies.” So agree with the cringing reaction. I’m in the middle of the Omnivore’s Dilemma right now and it’s so interesting!! So that was very apropos. And very excited to watch the TED talk later!

    FOUR WEEKS OF VACATION!! You lucky duck!!! Hope you have tons and tons of fun!!! Yay for weddings!

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      Yup, four weeks. There is actually a legislated 5 week minimum for paid vacation in Sweden (just one of the reasons we’ll probably never leave) and although my office closes next week I have to stay in town another week for a wedding so I’m basically forced to take 4 weeks in a row. FORCED! I may work a bit remotely when the office opens up as I’ll still be in Canada for my sisters’s wedding, but I am PUMPED to not go to the office for four whole weeks.

      Glad you enjoyed the articles. I actually thought of you when I posted the detox article. I also find that if I deprive myself for too long I over indulge (ah, my experiment with low carb dieting… that ended with my face literally in the granola bin). Sensible stuff this moderation is. The Omnivore’s Dilemma is one of my favourite books ever! I started reading Cooked last summer but put it down because it was a bit too academic for me in the midst of my thesis work (all I wanted to read was FLUFF!) but plan to pick it up again soon.

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